Ticks Pest Control in Mumbai

We know you love your pet. We also know that you would do anything to free your pet from the discomfort and pain caused by pesky pests. Don’t worry; we are here for you and your pet. We offers a completely safe and reliable, non toxic treatment for Dog Fleas and Bird Ticks, etc. When your pet goes out for a walk, he/she gets attacked by fleas and ticks that make their way to your home. By hiring our professional pest control services, you can get rid of dog ticks quickly and easily, without causing any harm to your lovely pet & get permanent solution for dog ticks. We are professionals & well trained for dog ticks control

The only source through which you face a problem will be through pets. The ticks and fleas get in the hairs of your pets and then they start breeding and evolve and increase in numbers and after some days they are found all around the house. Ticks and flea can be very irritating they can be found all over the house on the curtains and beds and also on the furniture. Ticks and fleas can also be in your yards and it is also necessary to keep your yards Ticks and Fleas free. But this is not the only thing you also need to keep the mice away from your house. Because even they can also cause Ticks and flea in the house.


The solution is right here, We will give you all the Pest control solutions you need. It is a long process but it is quite effective.

Step 1

The first thing which has to be done is from our user’s side and i.e. Make your pet’s Flea and tick so that when you have pest control in your house. ticks and fleas don’t return.

Step 2

The second will be to find a good pest control agency which will give you freedom from this Tick and Fleas problem.

Step 3

After that, the pest control is done by us and our Pest control professionals. After the pest control is done you must make sure that you repeat your first step for a few days so that your pet and your lovely home both are safe.


The service presents are planned based on an inspection and audit of the premises. However, standard service packages include:

An annual contract consisting of 3 treatments OR

A single treatment; interchangeable to an annual contract with supplemental charges


We will keep your house and Pets ticks and flea free and the chemicals used by us are less harmful fumes so that your pet does not face the problem.

We assure you of qualitative service with budget-friendly rates.  We will provide the best solutions from our expert team. We guarantee you better post service facilities.