Honey Bee Pest Control in Mumbai

We all know that honey bees play a crucial role in the production of honey, a sweet treat that we love to eat. However, do you know that getting stung by a honey bee can be exceptionally painful and can cause severe skin reactions? Have you spotted a honeybee nest in or around your home/office/factory? Tampering with a honey bee nest can be very dangerous. You need expert honey bee control services of a trained and experienced Honey Bee Control Company to remove the honey bee nest and restore safety to your premises. CONTACT US At Mumbai Pest Control, we have the knowledge, skills and tools to provide a safe treatment for honey bees, without posing any danger to you or your premises. Depending on the size and location of the hive, we use a combination of techniques to get rid of the honey bees and safely remove their nest. These include Liquid Insecticides, Sprays and Bio Pesticide Dust, among others.

Honey Bees Pest Control - The Effective Solution for Honey Bee

While honey bees are known to be eco-friendly pollinators, even one sting of theirs is very painful and leads to a stressful and allergic reaction in many people. Their hives are capable of damaging your ceiling or wall structure due to seepage and stained insulation. Mumbai Pest Control state-of-the-art services offer the latest vacuum technology, inspection methods, safety equipment and permanent removal of the hives.


  • The walls of buildings
  • Cracks in masonry
  • Old tires
  • Shrubs
  • Woodpiles
  • Large mounds
  • Trees near a house
  • Attics

Our approach for honey bee pest control

A detailed inspection of the home or office premises is conducted initially to assess the severity of honey bee infestation.

A proper risk analysis is performed and a tailor-made honey bee removal solution is offered to the customers.

The best practices in integrated pest management are applied according to a plan in order to reduce any further damage to the property.

The honey bee service is offered with the assistance of advanced tools and techniques including veil suits, gloves, smoker, frame lifter, holder, grip tool, scraper, and bee vacuum.

The specialized tools can be very effective in removing honeycombs that are located at any height on the walls, ceilings, and trees of homes, offices, backyards, and front lawns.

Professional pest controllers have the ability to devise effective bee removal solutions without causing any disturbance to people. Hallmarks of our professional Honey Bee service in Navi Mumbai & Mumbai are safety, effectiveness, high cleanliness standards, and technical finesse.